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Second WAF - Web Application Framework

Second WAF is a framework for web content generation with maximum throughput. It can be a base for any content management framework or web site with special needs in performance. It is the bridge between the web server and the application server. The primary aim of Second WAF is to perform well on high server load situations especially when dynamic content is generated.

Dynamic Content Generation Throughput and Performance.

Many CMS make several requests to an application server or SQL server during content generation. A lot of interprocess communication is needed just to generate one single page. This won't scale very well. Second WAV is designed to generate the HTML and other content directly on the application server and transport it with one single IPC roundtrip to the web server. The generation process itself is optimized to get the best performance. Content generation is optimized to produce multilingual UTF-8 encoded HTML. All dynamic content is compressed if the browser supports this (every modern browser supports compression and UTF-8)


  • ASP.NET independent content generation
  • Predefined WCF contracts for easy web server / application server IPC
  • Content writer with specialized Deflate compressor for best compression performance
  • Factory Adapter pattern to bind against the Model, different to Model View or Model View Controller (MVC)

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